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New degree track in Statistics to launch in Fall 2020

A new track in Statistics will soon be added to the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences degree. Statistics is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. The BA track in Statistics is designed to provide a solid mathematical and statistical foundation for a successful career in statistics, data analysis and data science. To obtain a BA degree in Mathematical Sciences with a Statistics track, a student must complete 50 credits of coursework in the field of Mathematical Sciences as follows:

  • Calculus I–III and Linear Algebra (16 cr.)
  • Number Systems (4 cr.)
  • Scientific Computing (2 cr.)
  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (8 cr.)
  • Regression and Statistical Learning (8 cr.)
  • Two electives from pure mathematics courses (8 cr.)
  • One additional elective (4 cr.)

Detailed major requirements will be found in the 2020 University Bulletin. Inquiries should be sent to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

As usual, to declare or drop a major or minor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, fill in this Google Form.

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