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Math 224 Beginning Oct 22

Week Class Dates Sections Topics Basic Skills Tests Videos
10 October 221.8,1.4Intermediate Value Thm, DerivativesNone
11 October 25–29 (Add Deadline is Thursday, Oct 28)1.4 & 2.1Derivatives
2.1 & 2.2Derivative as a function
2.3Differentiation FormulasVideo 2.3
12 November 1–5 (Drop deadline is Thursday, Nov 4)2.4Derivatives of trig functionsVideo 2.4
2.5Chain RuleVideo 2.5
2.6Implicit DifferentiationVideo 2.6a
13 November 8–122.7, 2.8Rates of Change in Science + Related RatesBasic Skills Test 1 Begins on Nov 8, you have until Friday Nov 12 to take your 1st attempt; you then have until Tues Nov 23 to take your 2nd and 3rd attempts. It covers limits, continuity, and differentiation formulas.Video 2.7, Video 2.8a
2.8More Related RatesVideo 2.8b
14 November 15–19Midterm Exam Takes place in person during regular class time
2.9Linear ApproximationVideo 2.9a Video 2.9b
3.1Max/Min ValuesVideo 3.1a Video 3.1b
15 Nov 22–263.1, 3.3More Max/Min Values and How derivatives affect the shape of a graphVideo 3.3a Video 3.3b
No ClassThanksgiving BreakNone
No ClassThanksgiving BreakNone
16 Nov 29 - Dec 3 3.3How derivatives affect the shape of a graphBasic Skills Test 2 begins on Monday Nov 29, and you have until Fri Dec 10 to take all 3 attempts. You cannot take more than 1 test on any day. It covers derivatives of trig functions, chain rule, and implicit differentiationVideo 3.3a Video 3.3b
3.4Infinite LimitsVideo 3.4a Video 3.4b
3.5Curve SketchingVideo 3.5
17Dec 6–10 (Withdraw deadline is Fri, Dec 10)3.5More Curve Sketching
18Dec 13–17Final exam (Wednesday, Dec 15th in LH 001 from 3:15 to 5:15 PM)Cumulative, with a focus on 2.9 - 3.5None
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