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 +<WRAP centeralign>##​Statistics Seminar##\\ Department of Mathematical Sciences</​WRAP>​
 +~~META:​title =November 20, 2014~~
 +<WRAP 70% center>
 +|  **DATE:​**|Thursday,​ November 20, 2014 |
 +|  **TIME:​**|1:​15pm to 2:15pm |
 +|  **PLACE:​**|OW 100E |
 +|  **SPEAKER:​**|Nan Bi (Binghamton University) |
 +|  **TITLE:​**|Paper review on "​Clustering Stability: An Overview" ​ |
 +<WRAP center box 80%>
 +<WRAP centeralign>​**Abstract**</​WRAP>​
 +A popular method for selecting the number of clusters is based on stability arguments: one chooses the number of clusters such that the corresponding clustering results are "most stable"​. In recent years, a series of papers has analyzed the behavior of this method from a theoretical point of view. However, the results are very technical and difficult to interpret for non-experts. In this monograph we give a high-level overview about the existing literature on clustering stability. In addition to presenting the results in a slightly informal but accessible way, we relate them to each other and discuss their different implications.