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Previous homework:

New group work HW. Due Wednesday, November 18th.

New HW: Antiderivatives - due Wednesday. See WebAssign.

Curve Sketching: Here are some excellent solutions by Courtney. (Only a couple of comments were added.)

Written Homework 3. Due Wednesday, October 21st: Do problems 2, 8, 10, 14, and 16 from section 3.5. Note that to receive full credit, you must show all of steps A through H on pages 245–246. After you try to sketch the graph, you are welcome to use google or another calculator to check (and correct) your answer.

The infinite limits WebAssign homework (section 3.4) is due Tuesday.

There is a new WebAssign homework on sections 3.1 and 3.3, due Sunday.

There is a new, brief homework on section 2.8 (related rates) in WebAssign. It's due on Sunday, October 11th.

Written Homework 2. Due Friday, October 9th: Here are problems similar to the test. Rewrite the problems that you missed points on (or had bad notation), and write your answers clearly. Here are solutions to test 1; the document shows how you might write answers clearly.

There is a small graded WebAssign homework due Friday, September 25th. If you are not very comfortable with the chain rule, you definitely should do more problems from section 2.5; see either the textbook or the extra practice problems on WebAssign.

Here is the old homework. It was due on Friday, September 11th, at the beginning of class.

(Note that WebAssign warmups will not be posted here.)

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