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Old Announcements

Quiz 2 (or 7) is scheduled for Friday, March 31st. It will cover sections 11.1 through 11.3. At least one question will ask you to find the limit of a sequence. You might be asked about whether or not a sequence is bounded (or bounded above). So be sure you know what “bounded” and “bounded above” means. Expect a question or maybe two on geometric series. (You do need to have the formula (for the sum) memorized and also know when it applies, as well as how to apply it.) Also expect a telescoping series to show up. As for section 11.3, there most likely will be at least one problem that asks you to use the integral test and also another problem about the remainder estimate (page 763).

The next quiz (the first one for Math 227) will be on Friday, March 22nd. It will cover polar coordinates (sections 10.3 and 10.4) and part of section 11.1 (through problem 9 on the homework).

The Final Exam for Math 226 scheduled for Friday, March 10th (at our regular class time and location). To prepare, know how to do the WebAssign homework and also these suggested problems.

The fifth quiz will be on Wednesday, March 1st. It will cover the following, with significant emphasis on “Improper” integrals:

  • WebAssign Assignment 10: “Integration Techniques” (7.1 - 7.4),
  • WebAssign Assignment 11: (Section 6.8 - “Improper” Integrals)
  • The arclength formula: The arclength of the curve $y = f(x)$, $x \in [a,b]$ is

\[\int_a^b \sqrt{1 + \left(\frac{dy}{dx}\right)^2} dx\] …assuming that $f(x)$ is smooth.

The fourth quiz will be on Friday, February 24th. It will cover sections 7.3 (trig substitution) and 7.4 (partial fractions). There may also be a bonus problem from section 7.8.

Test 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th. To prepare, know how to do the WebAssign homework and also these suggested problems.

The third quiz will be on Friday, February 10th. It will cover sections 6.8, 7.1, and a tiny bit of 7.2. (For the quiz, on section 7.2, just solve problems 1-4 on WebAssign.)

The second quiz will be on Friday, February 3rd. It will cover sections 6.4*, 6.5, and 6.6.

The first quiz will be on Wednesday, January, 25th. Study guide: Be sure to know…

  • Our definition of $\ln(x)$
  • Homework 1 on WebAssign (except problems 17, 30, 31, 35-37)
  • $u$-substitution (and the chain rule, product rule, the derivative of the trig functions)

The math help rooms are open. If you would like to review the chain rule or $u$-substitution, feel free to ask the graduate students in any of the rooms that are open.

For homework (all of it or the vast majority) we will be using WebAssign. You will need one of the following class keys, depending on which section you are in:

  • If you are in section 28, the class key is “binghamton 7746 5760” (without the quote marks)
  • If you are in section 31, the class key is “binghamton 6863 5599”

WebAssign typing tips: In the answer box, you can type things such as “infinity”, “union”, “intersect”, “sqrt”, “cos”, “pi”, “alpha” etc. Also, the symbols +, -, *, /, and ^ also work as addition, subtraction (or negative), multiplication, division (or fractions), and exponentiation. The only problem in the “Getting Started with WebAssign” assignment that you definitely should read is problem 13.

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