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Welcome to Calculus II

This is the webpage for sections 28 and 31 of Calculus II (Math 226/227).

  • Section 28: MWF 9:40–11:10
  • Section 31: MWF 11:20–12:50

My (tentative) help room hours: Tue 11–12, Wed 3-5pm.

You will (eventually) find all help room schedules here. The general course syllabus is here, and here is the addendum to the syllabus.


The math help rooms open Monday, January 23rd.

For homework (all of it or the vast majority) we will be using WebAssign. You will need one of the following class keys, depending on which section you are in:

  • If you are in section 28, the class key is binghamton 7746 5760
  • If you are in section 31, the class key is binghamton 6863 5599

WebAssign typing tips: In the answer box, you can type things such as “infinity”, “union”, “intersect”, “sqrt”, “cos”, “pi”, “alpha” etc. Also, the symbols +, -, *, /, and ^ also work as addition, subtraction (or negative), multiplication, division (or fractions), and exponentiation. The only problem in the “Getting Started with WebAssign” assignment that you definitely should read is problem 13.

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