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Welcome to Calculus II

This is the webpage for sections 28 and 31 of Calculus II (Math 226/227).

  • Section 28: MWF 9:40–11:10
  • Section 31: MWF 11:20–12:50

My help room hours: Tue 11–12, Wed 3-5pm.

Here are the help room schedules. The general course syllabus is here, and here is the addendum to the syllabus.


The fifth quiz will be on Wednesday, March 1st. It will cover the following, with significant emphasis on “Improper” integrals:

  • WebAssign Assignment 10: “Integration Techniques” (7.1 - 7.4),
  • WebAssign Assignment 11: (Section 6.8 - “Improper” Integrals)
  • The arclength formula: The arclength of the curve $y = f(x)$, $x \in [a,b]$ is

\[\int_a^b \sqrt{1 + \left(\frac{dy}{dx}\right)^2} dx\] …assuming that $f(x)$ is smooth.

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