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Old Announcements:

Quiz 12, the last quiz, is scheduled for Wednesday, December 10th. It will cover sections 5.2 and 5.3. To do well, do homeworks 18 and 19 listed on the homework page.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are the comments on test 2 that the calculus 1 coordinator wrote.

Here is a solution to the Riemann sums problem on quiz 10. Explanations are at the bottom of the page at that link.

The second paper test is scheduled for the Wednesday after Thanksgiving: December 3rd from 7pm to 8:30. The location is the same as last time: EB 110. The test will cover sections 3.3 - 5.1. You will need to know the pythagorean identity $1 + \tan^2(x) = \sec^2(x)$ as well as all the integrals listed in table 1 at the top of page 322.

Quiz 11 is scheduled for Monday, November 24th. Most of the quiz problems are similar to the ones on the latest homeworks. One problem asks for the area between two functions. Finally, there is a True/False question about calculating an integral using symmetry (i.e. the box on the bottom of page 334).

Quiz 10 is scheduled for Monday, November 17th Tuesday, November 18th. At least one problem (with several parts) will be on the FTC (Fundamental Theorem of Calculus). One problem will be to use a limit of Riemann sums to calculate a definite integral. (The function will be a polynomial of degree no more than three.) Also expect a problem or two on properties of definite integrals: see pages 303-305. Addendum: You very likely will also need to write down a definition of the definite integral.

Quiz 9 is scheduled for Wednesday, (November 12th). Expect at least one antiderivatives problem and a problem from section 4.1. See homework 15 and the part of homework 14 covering section 3.9. Also, expect a problem that asks you to give an expression for the area under a positive continuous function $f$ between $x=a$ and $x=b$.

Homeworks 14 and 15 have just been posted.

Quiz 8 will be on optimization and will be given today (November 5th).

Quiz 7 will be on Friday, October 31st and will cover sections 3.4 and 3.5.

Here are solutions to test 1 version 2. Notice the typo in 7b; I should've written $h'(4)$ DNE. Here are solutions to test 1 version 1 (the morning version) which Patrick Milano put together.

Homework 12 is posted at the homework page.

Quiz 6 will be on Friday, October 24th and will cover section 3.3. You will need to know how to find local mins/maxs, where a function is increasing/decreasing, where it is concave up/down, and inflection points.

Here is the Calculus coordinator's advice on reviewing for the first paper test. To see a practice test, on blackboard, go to the section “Test Review Materials”; the link is located at the left side of the class blackboard page.

The first paper test will be on Monday, October 20th and will cover 1.1 through 3.2. For our section, it will be 7-8:30 PM in EB 110 (engineering building).

Quiz 5 will be on Wednesday, October 15th and will cover sections 3.1 and 3.2. For 3.2, you only need to know the statement of the mean value theorem.

Solutions to some problems from homeworks 9 and 10 are posted on the homework page.

Quiz 4 will be on Friday, October 10th and will cover sections 2.6 (implicit differentiation) and 2.8 (related rates).

On Tuesday, September 30th there will be a quiz covering sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.

I just sent the following to the whole class. If you did not get the email, please let me know (with an email). Thanks.

The email:

Hello everyone,

The pace where you need to take the skills test is the testing center; it is in rooms G12 and G18, just down the hall from our MWF classroom.

Be sure to show up on time and to go through the practice skills test 1 on WebAssign. (Yes, the practice is a bit longer than I mentioned. Sorry about that.)

Best, Andrew

There will be a quiz Monday, September 15th. You will need to write down at least one definition of the derivative. You will also need to apply the definition of the derivative to either a polynomial (of degree three or less) or $1/x$ or the square root of $\sqrt{x}$. For example, you may be asked to find the equation of the tangent line to $f(x) = \sqrt{x}$ at the point $(4,2)$.

There will be a (graded) precalculus quiz on Tuesday, September 9th. The questions will be more like the ones from homeworks 1 through 3 than the review we did on the first day. (There will be no challenge problems on the quiz.)

The math help rooms are open, and the schedule is posted above*. *[There was a link “above” when this announcement was on the previous page.]

The math help room opens this Monday (September 8th). The schedule is posted above*. *[See previous note.]

Note that the building OW has two “wings”, and my office and the math help rooms are in different wings.

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