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Homework 19: (Graded.) Due Friday, December 12th: WebAssign homework set titled “Section 5.3”. If you want more practice, solve the problems in the “For practice only” version of this set which are different than the graded version.

Homework 18: (Graded.) Due Wednesday, December 10th: WebAssign homework set titled “Section 5.2”.

Homework 17: (Graded.) Due Wednesday, November 26th: WebAssign homework sets titled “Section 4.4” and “Section 4.5”. If you comfortably get through 4.5, then great. If not, also check out “For Practice Only: Section 4.5 (shortened)”. Further, remember that the textbook is a useful resource.

Homework 16: (Graded.) Due Friday morning, November 21st. WebAssign homework set titled “Section 4.3”.

Homework 15: (Not to turn in.) Section 4.1 problems 2(a),(b) (only find $L_6$, not $M_6$ or $R_6$), 3(a), 7 (only do $n=2, 4$ and just 'upper'), 8 (just 'lower' is fine), 13. For Appendix E, look at the definition of sigma notation (box 1) and also the first theorem (box 2); try to convince yourself that the theorem is true.

Homework 14: (Not to turn in.) For section 3.7, do most of the 'for practice only' problems on WebAssign. For section 3.9, do exercises 1-15 odd (i.e. skip 2, 4,…14), 27, 33, 41, and 43-47.

Homework 13: Due October 28th: Turn in exercise 15 from section 3.5; check your work, but do not merely copy the answer from the book. You should also do/read carefully examples 1 - 3 and exercise 31 (in section 3.5). For section 3.4, go through the “for practice only” on WebAssign.

Homework 12: (Not to turn in but best done by Friday October 24th or soon after.) Section 3.3 exercises 5, 13 (finish), 14, 26, 27, 29, 35, 41. (On 29 and 35, graphing the function is optional.) Here are a few optional challenge problems: 62, 63, 69, 70.

Homework 11: Do the WebAssign problem set “For Practice Only: Section 3.2”. If you get stuck, don't spend too much time on a problem; ask for help.

Homework 10: (Not to turn in but best done by Friday October 10th.) Section 2.8 examples 2, 4, 5. (Do example 1 too if you didn't do it in HW 9.) Exercises 1, 6, 11, 15, 19. For 11, notice the directions directly above the problem. Also, the best way to take advantage of the examples is to try to solve them yourself before reading the book's solution. Here is one student's solution to problem 19.

Homework 9: By Monday, read through the first example in sections 2.7 and 2.8. Solve problems 9, 16 and 31 from Section 2.6 and turn them in on Tuesday October 7th. There is also a graded WebAssign problem set due Tuesday. It's titled “section 2.6 - graded problems”. Here are solutions to the three problems. (In the posted solution, the phrase in the middle of the third page (on problem 31) is supposed to read, “Moving these terms over and factoring:”)

Homework 8: (Not to turn in but best done by October 3rd.) Section 2.5 problems 47, 51, 59. If you are not very comfortable with the chain rule yet, then you should solve more problems from 1 through 46 (before the quiz on Tuesday) and/or the examples in the text. (When doing an example, try it yourself first, before reading their solution.)

Homework 7: (You don't need to turn anything in. Regardless, it would be best to finish this by Monday, September 29th.) In your book solve section 2.4 problems 21, 35, 41, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49 (pg. 147). Also, memorize the derivatives of the trig functions; you need to know all of the functions in the table on page 144. Prove the formulas for $tan(x), cot(x), sec(x),$ and $csc(x)$.

Homework 6: Be able to do all the (normal) problems mentioned in class for section 2.3, and include problem 100. Further, go through the practice skills test. Optional Challenge problems from section 2.3: 85, 87, 98, 106. (You do not need to turn anything in.)

Homework 5: Do the WebAssign homeworks titled “CLASS WARMUP for Section 1.8.”, “1.6” and “1.4 & 2.1: For practice only”. (The warmup is due Monday, and the last two “1.6” is due Tuesday; the last one is due Thursday.)

Homework 4: Due September 12th: Go through the “1.5: for practice only” problem set on WebAssign. Note: Several of the problems deal with infinite limits, which I plan to cover in class on Tuesday. This problem set will not itself count toward your grade. (It's for practice.) Of course, you certainly need to know limits for this class.

Homework 3: Due September 8th: Here is the third homework. Also check that you can solve problem 5 from the Analytic Geometry diagnostic test (test B). If this is difficult, see the note at the bottom of the page (page xxvi).

Homework 2: Due September 5th: Here is the second homework. If you don't have the book yet, I suggest logging into WebAssign; even if you don't have a WebAssign access key, you can use the website, which includes an e-book, for free until the end of next week.

Homework 1: Due September 3rd: Go through the Algebra Diagnostic Test on pages xxiv and xxv of the textbook. Look at the answers only after trying the problems, and note any problems you have difficulty with.

“Homework 0:” (This homework is only for people who missed the first day of class.) Here is the precalc review we did on the first day.

Note on WebAssign:

Warmups will not be posted here. However, if I make other homework assignments on WebAssign, I will mention them on this page.

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