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Welcome to Calculus 1.

This is the webpage for section 24 of Fall 2014.

You can find the general course syllabus here, and here is the weekly schedule. Here are the videos we will be using.

Here are the Math Help Room schedules. Notice that the rooms specifically for Calculus 1 are OW 231 and OW 233. Also, note that the building OW has two “wings”, and my office and the math help rooms are in different wings.


Here is some advice and information about the final written by the course coordinator (i.e. the person who makes the final).

The final exam is scheduled for Monday, December 15th at 8:05pm. Our section will meet in LH 008 (lecture hall).

Here are the old announcements.


Be sure to do the warmups when they are due. Here are the videos we will be using.


Optional Review:

If you want a thorough review of precalculus (including derivations of many formulas), I highly recommend the book by George Simmons: “Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry”. It emphasizes what's important and is quite interesting. Further, you can get a used copy for under a dollar at amazon.

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