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Math 330 Number Systems (Section 01)

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:40-10:40 am and Thursday 10:05-11:30 am
Location: Whitney 100B

Instructor: Christoforos Neofytidis
Email: chrisneo “at” math “dot” binghamton “dot” edu
Office: Whitney 202
Office Hours: Monday 10:45-12:15 and Thursday 11:30-1:00

Course description: Careful discussion of the real numbers, the rational numbers and the integers, including a thorough study of induction and recursion. Countable and uncountable sets. The methodology of mathematics: basic logic, the use of quantifiers, equivalence relations, sets and functions. Methods of proof in mathematics. Training in how to discover and write proofs.

Main Textbook: The Art of Proof, Matthias Beck and Ross Geoghegan, Springer New York, 2010

Prerequisite: Math 222

Homework: Homework will be assigned in every class. Every second Thursday (starting February 5 and ending April 30), there will be given exercises whose solutions must be returned on the following Wednesday at the beginning of the class. Each set of exercises counts for 5% of the grade (that is, the homework counts for a total of 35%; see below for the evaluation).

Evaluation: The final grade will be determined as follows:

  • Test 1, 20% (Monday, March 2)
  • Test 2, 30% (Thursday, April 23)
  • Homework 35%
  • Attendance and Participation 15%
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