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 +~~META:​title =2020~~
 +====== Peter Hilton Memorial Lecture - 2020 ======
 +===== Postponed due to COVID =====
 +==== Exotic Smooth Structures on $R^4$ ====
 +{{ :​hiltonmemorial:​gompfphoto200.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +**Speaker:​** [[ https://​​users/​gompf/​ | Robert Gompf, University of Texas at Austin ]]
 +**Time:** postponed, TBA \\
 +**Location:​** Binghamton University, TBA \\
 +**Abstract:​** One of the most surprising discoveries in 4-manifold topology was the existence of smooth manifolds homeomorphic,​ but not diffeomorphic,​ to Euclidean 4-space. For fundamental reasons, this phenomenon can only occur in 4 dimensions. We will survey the subject, from its origin to recent developments regarding symmetries of such manifolds.
 +The lecture will be followed by a reception at 4:15 p.m. in The President'​s Reception Room, [[https://​​maps/​place/​Anderson+Center+For+the+Arts/​@42.089995,​-75.9712084,​17z/​data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89daeec655555555:​0x9087c02e1a55a797|Anderson Performing Arts Center]], Binghamton University. This reception is for the whole Binghamton Mathematics Community as well as for our visitors.