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Actuarial Science Program

Binghamton University offers two degrees related to actuarial career: BA in Actuarial Science and BS in Actuarial Science. We offer courses covering four actuarial exams: P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F and MLC.

You can get further information from Prof. Xingye Qiao.

To all current actuarial students: Please submit your learning progress and exam outcome to the department via this 30-second survey form, created by Google Forms in Binghamton University.

You need to log in using your Bmail account in order to see the form. All data collected are confidential.

Why are we collecting such information?

  1. We need to know how much progress you have made in the program so as to better help you achieve your career goals. We want to better understand our program.
  2. We need to determine who will receive awards, honors, scholarships, etc. For that purpose, we need to know who has passed what exams.

Resubmit this form in the future if any information needs to be updated.

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