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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DOMS) is a vibrant community where mathematicians and statisticians converge to explore, innovate, and educate. We offer a comprehensive range of academic programs, spanning the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Thus, besides our faculty and postdoctoral visitors, our community includes a large and valuable cadre of hard-working and talented undergraduate and graduate students.

At the undergraduate level, we have two kinds of degrees: general degrees for majors in Mathematical Sciences are labeled Bachelor of Arts (BA), while our more intensive undergraduate degrees are labeled Bachelor of Science (BS). There is both a track in Mathematics and a track in Actuarial Science within each degree. For the BA degree, there is also a track in Statistics. For more details, see the page on the undergraduate programs. Additionally, we offer a minor in mathematics, enabling students from other disciplines to enrich their academic journey.

At the graduate level, we have the PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Master of Arts (MA) in Mathematics, and MA in Statistics degrees. We cooperate with the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership in their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree for future high school teachers. There is also a 4+1 option for both the MAT and the MA in Statistics degrees, allowing a student to obtain both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree within five years. Read the page on Graduate Programs for more details, including information about financial support for graduate students.

While our highest degree is a PhD in Mathematical Sciences, a significant number of our doctoral dissertations are written on research topics in Statistics.

All faculty members and postdoctoral visitors are active researchers. The main areas of concentration in the department are: Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometry/Topology and Statistics. Additionally, there is active research that falls between and bridges the main areas. See the Research Areas page for more specific research topics.

The photos above were taken by Jinghao Li, Ph.D. 15'.

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