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Radicals and rational exponents

Simplifying radicals with constants only

With variables

Negative exponents

Page with many videos on this skill


Magic factoring (aka factoring by trial and error)

Factoring by grouping (with example using magic factoring)

Factoring sums and differences of cubes

Solving equations

Watch for this section to be filled in

Inverse functions

Inverse function basics

Finding inverse of a function (where separating x and y is trickier

Domain of a function; composition of functions

Finding domain of a function

Domain of a composition Ex 1

Domain of a composition Ex 2

Graphing transformations

Rigid transformations of functions 1

Rigid transformations of functions 2

Non-rigid transformations

Combining transformations

Transformations of square root functions 1

Transformations of square root functions 2

Graphing polynomials

Considering end behavior and types of roots and y intercept:

Graphing a non-factored polynomial

Graphing a factored polynomial

Graphing Rational Functions

Ex 1

Ex 2

Solving Inequalities

Basics of solving quadratic inequalities

A common mistake when solving quadratic inequality

Quadratic inequality Ex 1

Quadratic inequality Ex 2

Quadratic inequality Ex 3

Basics of solving rational inequalities and Ex 1] [[|Solving rational inequalities Ex 2

Solving rational inequalities Ex 3

Solving rational inequalities Ex 4

Sigma videos

Sum (sigma) notation and

Sigma (summation) formula properties and

Example of changing upper and lower bounds of a sum

Sigma notation

Trig videos

Finding a reference angle

Finding quadrant an angle lies in

Deriving values of the unit circle

Basic sine and cosine functions

Trick to remember basic trig table

Finding the values of all six trig functions given one value

Finding coordinates of point on unit circle which lies on the terminal side of angle through a given point

Sign of trig functions in quadrants I, II, III, and IV


Patrick mjt videos on inverse trig functions:

Evaluating inverse trig functions part 1

Evaluating inverse trig functions part 2

Evaluating inverse trig functions part 3

Prof Tarrou's video on inverse trig functions:

Evaluating inverse trig functions

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