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Chapter 1 textbook scan

Chapter 3 textbook scan part 1 and part 2

In bold is the date on which the assignment is given. Prepare the work shown and be ready to ask/answer questions the following class day.

Thurs Aug 24 Read Sec 1.1-1.2; do Comprehension Checks throughout the reading.

Fri Aug 25 Do Sec 1.1 and 1.2 problems; study for short Monday quiz the material from these sections.

Go to Practice worksheets and choose the one on radicals and rational exponents.

To help you 8-O view Simplifying radicals with constants only and With variables

Mon Aug 28 Read Sec 1.3-1.4; do Sec 1.3 problems

Tues Aug 29 Do Sec 1.4 problems. See VIDEOS for insights and examples. Extra practice on the Factoring worksheet and Factoring special products worksheet

Read Sec 1.5.

Thurs Aug 31 Do exercises pp 33-34 #1, 2, 3 a-i

8-o Mini-quiz tomorrow on factoring!

Friday Sept 1 See HW solutions posted for Sec 1.6.

:-D Don't forget to do the Comprehension Checks and study the Examples within the reading every day.

Go to Extra Practice Worksheets and do the ones for Rational Equations and Radical Equations. These worksheets use many different variables, but the algorithms are the same.

Read Sec 2.2 (skipping 2.1 for now).

View Solving a quadratic by method of completing the square, Ex 1 (leading coeff = 1)

and Solving a quadratic by completing the square, Ex 2 (leading coeff not equal to 1)

Tues Sept 5 Do Sec 2.2 #1, 2, 3, but see instruction for #3:

If you need to, view again: Solving a quadratic by method of completing the square, Ex 1 (leading coeff = 1), Solving a quadratic by completing the square, Ex 2 (leading coeff not equal to 1)

as well as Using the quadratic formula.

8-O Quiz on Friday–two questions

1. Solve a radical equation in Sec 1.6 like #1 j, k or l (you need to check the solutions)

2. Revised problems to study for the quiz: #1-10 type in Worksheet for completing the square and solving for x.

Thurs Sept 7 Note the revised HW of Tuesday.

Study for Friday's quiz.

Read Sec 5.3 and view by Solving quadratic equations by factoring, by completing the square and by using the quadratic formula.

8-) Today's notes on quadratic equations, formula, and meaning of roots

Thurs/Fri Sept 7/8 View Using the discriminant to find the number of roots and More using the discriminant

The number of solutions corresponds to number of times the parabola crosses (or touches) the x-axis:

Discriminant = 0 means parabola touches x-axis once = 1 root

Discriminant < 0 means parabola doesn't intersect x-axis = no roots

Discriminant > 0 means parabola intersects x-axis twic = 2 roots

Do p 153 #1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10

Fri/Mon Sept 8/9 NEW CHAPTER! Ch 3 is essential to your understanding of all of mathematics. It addresses functions.

Read Sec. 3.1. Look esp at the domain examples and comprehension checks, as well as function notation.

View these videos. Don't wait til before the first test to watch these:

Algebraically finding the domain of a function

Function notation

Composition of functions

Example of domain of a composition of functions

Another example

Mon Sept 11 8-) Same videos as Friday.

Read Sec 3.2. Focus on the worked examples. The notation of domain for function operations, especially composition comes from set notation. It's a little dense.

The video explains it more clearly. I will explain carefully tomorrow.

If you have questions about Sec 3.1 (including the reading or exercises), be ready to ask.

One new video for tonight, Evaluating piecewise functions

Tues-Fri Sept 12-15 :-D Because of my approach to presenting definitions and characteristics up front, I think it is good to look at the HW for the rest of the week as a unit.

Some of you will find this more of a review than others, and that is fine. By the end of the week you should all be in good shape if you keep looking at the videos and being ready with questions on the problems and exercises.

Do problems p 85 #2, 3 b d, 4, 6 a b, 7

Read Sec 3.3 and view One-to-one functions and Even and odd functions

Do p 86 Sec 3.3 #1 a, b, c, d, 2 all, 4, 5 a b, 7

Read Sec 3.4.

View Even and odd functions

Understanding one-to-one functions and inverses

Finding the inverse of a function

Do Sec 3.4 pp 86-87 #1-5

Inverse functions worksheet

Odd, even or neither practice worksheet

More (better) even, odd, neither practice worksheet

8-O Check out the Videos for function inverse, domain, composition!

Fri Sept 15-Mon Sept 18 8-O Study and prepare questions on function ideas you don't understand.

Do take-home quiz (handed out in class) for desk check on Monday (you can hang onto it to study for Exam 1)

Mon Sept 18 Study for Exam 1 (This is review day with focus on functions and your additional questions.

Ch 1, 2.2, 5.3 (algebraic approach), Ch 3. Emphasis on functions; a good amount on factoring and solving equations.


Tues Sept 19 :-P Exam 1

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