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Sec 1.1-1.4

Sec 1.6

Notice the annotations as you read these. Don't worry if they are not completely clear yet. It will become apparent as we graph polynomials.

#1f is solved slightly differently than on the board, but the same ideas are seen.

Problems that are normally done with magic factoring are shown without details of the process (at the time I drafted these solutions I was doing this type by trial and error).

Sec 5.3

Sec 5.3 continued

The following are solutions to many of the Ch 3 problems you will be working on this week. These copies are not as clean as I would like them to look. Use them as a guide and to assist you in asking me questions in class.

Sec 3.2/3.3

Sec 3.4

The following Sec 4.1 and 4.2 drawings are not very nicely rendered. I hope to get new ones up at some point.

Sec 4.2 solutions part 1

Sec 4.2 solutions part 2

Sec 5.1 and 5.2 solutions

HW Solutions Sec 5.1 and 5.2

HW Solutions Sec 6.4

A few notes about the last set. The order is not in sequence, so if you scroll down you will see all the problems.

HW Solutions Sec 11.2

More 11.2 from text and homework

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