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 +===== Actuarial Association =====
 +Please Subscribe to Our Email List: [[https://​​actuarial/​club_signup]]
 +==== About Actuaries ====
 +The actuarial profession focuses on evaluating the possible outcomes of a variety of risks and determining the possible impact they can have on an organization. In doing so, actuaries utilize a variety of both business and mathematical skills, utilizing advanced statistical models, financial valuation, computer programming,​ and organizational management.
 +==== What the Actuarial Association does ====
 +The Actuarial Association'​s primary goal is to assist students in their pursuit of a career as an actuary by helping them obtain the skills that they need to prepare them for their future careers. These skills may not be explicitly taught in the classes of the actuarial science major here at Binghamton. We aim to assist students with things such as interviewing,​ knowledge of the structure of businesses, computer programming,​ and working with Excel. Various events that we intend to host throughout the year include:
 +    * Information Sessions
 +    * Hosting Case Competitions
 +    * Microsoft Excel Workshops
 +    * Mentorship Program
 +    * Resume Building/​Critique
 +    * Public Speaking Workshop
 +    * Inviting recruiters to Binghamton University
 +==== Check out all of our upcoming events on our calendar ====
 +==== Our Executive Board is here to help you pursue your actuarial profession ====
 +The executive board members of the Actuarial Association for 2021--2022 are:
 +    * President: [[|Michael Shen]]
 +    * Vice President: [[|Hannah Feit]]
 +    * Event Coordinator:​ [[|Joseph Volpe]]
 +    * Treasurer: [[|Kyle Gregor]]
 +==== News and Updates ====
 +    * For more resources, please check out this [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1N5HmmT-OpAzoaWgX8lSdth0ZyeJ5bCmwQls0bTNRWJ0/​edit?​usp=sharing|master spreadsheet]].
 +    ​
 +==== Want to get involved with the Actuarial Association?​ ====
 +  * You may meet fellow members of the association who have worked during the summer as actuary interns. You can get first-hand information about the actuarial profession from them.
 +  * You can request to join the e-mail list of the actuarial association,​ by sending an e-mail to
 +  * Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn: [[https://​​company/​actuarial-association|Actuarial Association LinkedIn Page]]